571 Game Labs was carved out of Runes Media in early 2011. It’s purpose was creating cutting edge Game Designs for the Modern Gamer. From our Design Studios in the Pacific Northwest, we have a number of new Game Titles coming soon.

The Origin:

Flashback to the early 1980’s and that’s where the story begins. Game Designers David Schick & Dave Krabal hadn’t met just yet, but they both had quite the vigor for Gaming. By the mid 80’s, Video Games started to erode the Market for Role Playing Games and Boardgames in general. By the time the two had met in the late 80’s, the Market had been all but completely destroyed by the Videogame revolution.

However, that did not stop the pair from playing many of the great titles from all the great game publishers during the next 10 years. Developing a bond for Gaming and the lifestyle that surrounded it. They played many titles that would eventually, all but extinct, if it was not for the rabid fans of Gaming that preserved the spirit of the past time.

The Tin Soldier:

The Tin Soldier was an iconic game and hobby shop started in the 1970’s in Dayton Ohio. Over the years it was a hub of game activity in the region and fostered the beginnings of many game developers, sculptors, and rules designers. The store closed down in 1999 after the owner died. Being an avid gamer and patron of the store since his childhood, Dave Krabal decided to re-open the Tin Soldier in a different location but maintain the focus of the original store; Role Playing games, Miniature Games, and Board Games. Eventually the economy and changing demographics forced Dave to close the Tin Soldier, but he does remained active in the game industry as a consultant, painter and sculptor . Dave Krabal’s area of interest was mainly historical miniature gaming and rules development until 2014, when 571 Game Labs asked him to help design upcoming game titles.

Development of Runes Media:

In mid 2006, Runes Media was formed as a Creative Digital Agency serving Central US and West Coast Clients with New Media Services. The main emphasis, at the time, was working with Entertainment Industry based Clients. Over time, Runes Media has served many Clients over a wide spectrum of Industries.The Company went through a restructuring effort during early 2011, adding a Creative Services Division to complete internal Media Projects for the Company in addition to the Services offered to our external Clients. This was the birth of 571 Game Labs, a division of Runes Media. In late 2014, Dave Krabal was tapped to work on the upcoming Game Projects as Director of Game Development. The future was set.

571 Game Labs and the first games in development:

In 2009, with the further evolution of Runes Media, had brought us to the Gaming Market and led us to explore the possibility of publishing Game titles. During the collection and analyzation of the data, led us to believe that this Market was primed for new and innovative thinking. A centralized power structure of the gaming industry had developed over the past 15 years prior. These monolith Companies that dominate the Market, they seem to have stymied innovation of Game development and it is quite evident in the results of the number of great Games. That stagnation of genuine ideas by the big guys has led to rise in the startup revolution in Gaming. A whole host of Independent Game Publishers have led the way in the last several years. With this new wave of Publishers and new Games, we must take the opportunity to help these Artists and Creators have an avenue to get their Games to Market any way we can.

Runes Media’s “571 Game Labs” was sanctioned to start developing Games in early 2011. It started work on, the yet to be released, first Game Title that is based on Pre-Apocalyptic Warfare and is still currently under development. It’s innovative and efficient gameplay will create a groundbreaking Gaming experience. It’s has a scheduled release date for Fall 2018 and is currently 4th in the queue for release. The game that followed is the Feudal Japanese Board Game that is fast, fun and easy to play. This Game is currently 3rd in the queue for and it’s scheduled for release in Spring 2019. The next Game was engineered to be quick & easy to play but still maintain intrinsic Gaming characteristics that was feature rich. It will be our first card based Game. It is next in the Game development queue after Killing Vector. It is scheduled for a Fall 2018 release.

Development of Killing Vector:

Shortly after bringing Dave Krabal to the Team, the Game Development Team garnered several new Game Concepts. One of those early Concepts, was Killing Vector. In mid 2015, a concept of a Spacetime Game was floated with the designers. The Concept had coalesced into the game we know it as in late November 2015. The crew started on narrowing out the Game design and working on the Gameplan of multiple Game levels in early on in 2016. The Design Team worked throughout the Summer of 2016 refining the Characters, Factions, Skills & Weapons of the Game, to make the most of the robust multi-dimensional playfield.

Killing Vector to Market. The Journey:

By early 2017, the publishing process had began and steps were taken to move Killing Vector from alpha testing to beta testing. Most of 2017, the Design Team & Production Team shared notes on getting the maximum exposure for this groundbreaking Board Game. After a Creative realignment in mid 2017, we are in the final production stage of Killing Vector and excited to be getting it to Market in the first quarter of 2018. Stay tuned for more exciting news about Killing Vector. Killing Vector was officially released for retail purchase on March 28th, 2018.