Time: 2071
Place: Earth/Milky Way Galaxy

The Hyper-Realm is a Multiverse environment set in various possible universes including the universe which we live in. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy and the physical laws and constants that describe them. Multiple universes have been hypothesized in science, religion, philosophy, mythology and in science fiction and fantasy novels for many years. In the Year 2059, a Group of International Scientists achieve the first jump into the Multiverse and discovered the “Hyper-Realm”.


The origins of the technology that came to allow us to explore Spacetime were found frozen in ice during a US Submarine patrol in Antarctica in 1953. Subsequently discovering advanced beings that had an unexplainable advanced technology and were far more advanced than modern humans. The specimens and technology were moved to Rockwell, N.M., and Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio during the 1950’s and were studied for decades. Many of the top Scientists from around the World came to the separate facilities and studied the technology discovered for possible applications of these devices for Military Exploitation.

As the years went on, the search for common sense applications of the technology that was discovered started to fade. Most of the early uses of the technologies found their way into the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Program. These advanced technologies contributed to the extreme advancements in Military superiority in the late 20th Century and early 21st Century by the United States. The advancement of quantum computing in the early 2028 and integrated AI systems that linked with the data-rich Multinational Technology companies of the US. They created the “Quantum Data Field” that allows the ultrasonic frequencies of the Hyper-Realm to be deciphered. This lead to a flurry of technological advancements. The core of the “Quantum Data Field” are linked together by a series of crystals that were found at the site of the Antarctic discovery and that were being utilized by DARPA for advanced communications during the George W. Bush administration.

After the discovery period, the international scientific community looked at the new technology that the “Quantum Data Field” had yielded. The advancements were astonishing and bewildering at the same time. Many of the advancements of the technology seem to contradict each other, some actually showing exact opposite results. Almost a negative world. Where up is down; where black is white. Was this possible? What did it say about the technology and the future of QDF consortium?

The new technologies did have one common ingredient that they were linked by an odd frequency signature. Discovering the frequency signature in their research led the Scientists to discover a communication method used to identify the location of the Multiverse. Defying all known technology of the physical world, the Scientists pushed on to apply the new technology to locate the Multiverse in 2055. In Spacetime, the Scientists located a multitude of threats and opportunities for this new World. A consortium of Nations on Earth decided they must Unite to defeat this possible existential threat. In 2056, The Stellar Coalition Force was recognized as the Authority to explore and to police the newly discovered “Hyper Realm” of Spacetime.

In late 2059, the Scout Class exoskeleton prototype for the Multi-Class Hyper-Realm Vehicles (MCHRV) Project was being developed by DARPA. In conjunction with Multinational Tech Firms and World Government Authorities, the Stellar Coalition Force started developing the Team they needed to travel into the Multiverse. Development of Hyper Realm interdimensional movement happened during the first trials for the Scout Class Prototype. They used those advancements to make tactical improvements for the newer Rogue Class and the Commander Class exoskeleton suits. By 2071, the Stellar Coalition Force lineup was complete and ready to defend our World from others in the Multiverse.

The beginnings of the “Hyper-Realm” may never be known. What we do know is that this is the opportunity to explore the here and never. The unknown awaits in the place between places and the world between worlds.


Character Placement Hex: Is the designated area in the game board hex design where the character token is placed. This area is surrounded by the Duration Hex Grid.

Character Turn: A player use of a single Character in any combination of a dimensional plane movement, roll of escape, dimensional move and/or discharging of a Character’s Weapon during that Game Round.

Defense Points: Reflects Characters defensive ability point(s). Defense points vary by Character.

Dimensional Plane(s): The Multiverse is represented by 6 Levels of Spacetime known as dimensional planes.

Disc Energy Projectiles: Are a class of Disc like energy weapons used in the Spacetime Combat environment. They are the only type of weapon that can be thrown over other character(s) on the dimensional plane they occupy, as long as the target(s) are in the weapon’s range.

Duration Hex Grid: The outer ring of hexes that are used for any situations that duration of events exceed one round. The top of the duration hex grid is the first round and each other of the hexes signify one more round of duration, used until expiration of event.

Energy Focused Weapons: Are weapons derived from the active energies that are present in Spacetime. The Caster of these type of Weapons are using those focused Energies created to attack the Defender with their own distinct effects and range.

Entrapment Weapons: They are a special class of weapons using Spacetime energy fields. The weapons design is to entrap Characters in various types of energy fields, utilizing various aspects of damage, energy type and duration.

Game Round: A sequence of Two Characters Turns. Initiative order remains in effect throughout the remainder of the game.

Getath (Pronounced: Gee-tath): A race of Creatures from the Segue 2 Galaxy Planet Kneoxuaq. Their entire population was conquered by Wyt’oess. After enslaving the Getath, Wyt’oess utilized the different Getathian classes in different military roles. They have a very limited intellect and possess a collective vision, but act and think on their own.

Hyper-Realm: A Stellar Coalition Force term for Military Operations that are present in the Multiverse.

Life Force Points: All Characters have just one Life Force point. The only time that damage points are assessed to Life Force are when the Characters Defense Points have been exhausted.

MCHRV’s: Multi-Class Hyper-Realm Vehicles are the classifications of various Hyper-Realm suits used by the Stellar Coalition Force. There are currently 3 Classes; Scout Class, Interceptor Class and the Commander Class.

Morphing Weapons: Use inherent shifts of frequencies and spectrums of Spacetime to alter, shift, disguise, multiply or hide the caster of these weapons. The weapons effect have a set duration and the caster is not limited to movement while the effects of the morphing are active.

Planet Baechehtu (Pronounced: Bay-Cheh-Tu): A dead Planet from the Segue 2 Galaxy that was once home to the Wuokut.

Planet Kneoxuaq (Pronounced: Nao-zwawk): Is located in the Segue 2 Galaxy. The Getath are the major inhabitants and have been conquered by Wyt’oess, and they were now thralls under his control.

Planet Wuokkirq (Pronounced: Wok-kirk): Is a central Planet of the Segue 2 Galaxy. Home Planet to Wyt’oess. The Interplanetary Council expelled him for his overreaching ambitions of Power.

Plasma Weapon: Are medium range, fully ionised plasma weapons that engulfs the player hex for multiple rounds when the attacker “hits” the target in that hex.

Wuokut (Pronounced: Whoa-kut): An Energy Being from a dead Planet of Baechehtu from the Segue 2 Galaxy, they were forced by evolutionary forces over time to develop the ability to live on the dying Planet. When the end of their World was near, their scientists developed a process that allowed the Wuokut to live as energy beings. Ones that we no longer bound by the inherent truths of the physical world. Their body’s are made up of an energy membrane that mimics humanoid appearance.