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A Cognitive Agility Game. A smart Card Game fun enough for the whole Family!


Let the Mystics do the Gaming. A Card Game of Mystics & Mystery.

Killing Vector

Multiverse Combat in Spacetime! Save our Universe! Join the Fight Now.

About 571 Game Labs

The Makers of Killing Vector, Occupatio & Narthex. 571 Game Labs was carved out of Runes Media in February of 2011. Its purpose was creating cutting edge Game Designs for the Modern Gamer.

Flashback to the early 1980s and that’s where the story begins. Game Designers David Schick & Dave Krabal hadn’t met just yet, but they both had quite the vigor for Gaming. By the mid-’80s, Video Games started to erode the Market for Role Playing Games and Boardgames in general. By the time the two had met in the late ’80s, the Market had been all but destroyed by the Videogame revolution. However, that did not stop the pair from playing many of the great titles from all the great game publishers during the next ten years. Developing a bond for Gaming and the lifestyle that surrounded it. They played many titles that would eventually, all but extinct, if it was not for the rabid fans of Gaming that preserved the spirit of the past time.

571 Game Labs Products

Killing Vector Board Game

Release Date: 3/28/2018


Occupatio Card Game

Release Date: 7/28/2019


Narthex Card Game

Release Date: 10/31/2020



Follow the Kahuna

Available for Retail on December 15th, 2021